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Covo dei Saraceni

Coast of Umbria

Coast of Umbria

Back in 1982, Hotel Covo dei Saraceni was opened in Polignano a Mare. Built on a beautiful spot, in the middle of the cliffs of Polignano. Fear not, because it is still quite easily reachable, either by train or by car. The hotel is known for soft and refined colours, functional furnishing and breath-taking views of the ocean. It truly is a hidden pearl of the Adriatic Sea.

Destination: Polignano a Mare

Traveling to Italy at the Covo dei SaraceniThe town dates back to the 4th century B.C., when Greek colonists first landed on the Italian coast. Since then it has been changed a lot, but it also managed to remain the same. White houses, small beaches and steep cliffs. Its scenery is genuinely breath-taking, as the beauty of the ocean smiles at you from wherever you look. But also, on the peaceful countryside you will find a feeling of serenity. Cycle through the natural area and discover the beauty of ancient olive trees. Find yourself again in the water, the coves and outdoors.

Accommodation: Covo dei Saraceni

For a relaxing trip, there is no better place to stay than at the Covo de Saraceni. Their entire philosophy is based around giving you the peace you so desire. The hotel comes with a spa, a sea-view restaurant and a whirlpool on the terrace. There are 47 different rooms and each and every one of them is perfect. For example, some suites come with a large terrace, overlooking the ocean. Others come with a balcony and/or panoramic views. Some rooms are actually 20m away from the hotel, facing the beach. This way you can wake up and walk right into the sea. Covo dei Saraceni is an extraordinary place with a comfortable accommodation overlooking the sea, guaranteeing their guests an unforgettable stay.

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