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Find yourself indulged in the real Italian culture while you stay at Villa Cheta. Located in Maratea, a secret treasure of a place a few hundred kilometres south of the Amalfi coast. A beautiful town with a stunning view wherever you choose to set foot. Surrounded by small beaches, a marina and a lot of other picturesque spots to pick from, you’ll be sure to have an amazing time here.


Traveling in Italy and staying at the Hotel Villa ChetaHigh up on the cliffs, overlooking the Tyrrhenian sea, you’ll find Maratea. A warm and peaceful place with a truly authentic feel to it. Relax by taking a stroll through the town, go for a walk on the beaches, or simply stay at the hotel, where all the luxury you need is provided. Surrounded by crystal-clear water, Maratea is the ideal place to enjoy the beauty of the sea and the pristine nature all around it. It is a favourite among true Italians and relatively unknown to tourists, so you’ll be sure to experience the real Italy, which you might not find elsewhere.


Originally dubbed “Villa Marsicano”, Villa Cheta was taken over by the Aquadro family because they were so in love with the property. They aimed to bring out the original structure, and went on to combine it with modern furniture and facilities. Why go anywhere else when you can have all you want right where you are? At Villa Cheta they make sure you feel attended to and they strive to make you enjoy your stay as much as possible. The staff and the property work together in this as to ensure your trip is perfect for you. Not only are you a guest: at Villa Cheta, you are a friend. The hotel is fitted with a wide range of services, like an outside bio-swimming pool, special menus, shuttle services and a solarium complete with sun lounges, and many other things you’ll be sure to find enjoyable.

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