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Surrounded by the Mediterranean, this island retreat blends the environment and culture of its Italian and African neighbours into a remote wonder that’s quite unlike anything else. To make it even more appealing, for a limited time only, we have a special offer for you. Our Spring & Autumn-promotion comes with a 20% discount for a non-refundable prepaid reservation. Not only that, but you also receive a bottle of wine from the Sikelia private vineyard, and on top of that a €50 voucher to use in the Sikelia Spa. This offer stands from April 19th to May 31st  & from September 15th until the closing date October 13th. If you book outside of these dates, you’ll still receive a 10% discount.

Destination: Pantelleria

Traveling in Italy to the Sikelia Luxury Retreat, PantelleriaThe hideaway of a few shy celebrities such as Giorgio Armani, Truman Capote, Sting, and Madonna, the Specchio di Venere (“Mirror of Venus”) is a heart-shaped lake in a volcanic crater. Fed by rainwater and hot springs, its unique colour modulates from emerald, to aquamarine, to deep blue. Pantelleria also plays host to a self-adjusting natural hot sauna in a grotto on the side of Montagna Grande. The indented coast shelters some choice swimming spots off the black rocks as well as marine grottos; occasionally decorated with quality fish restaurants.

Accommodation: Sikelia Luxury Retreat

Private terraces offer intimacy and unique views of the intense landscape of this rugged island. Designed by Milanese architect Gabriella Giuntoli the modern architecture, born of a great respect for the surrounding nature and a love of quality materials, is paired with a tastefully classical setting ensuring a tranquil sojourn. The communal spaces of the hotel prominently feature the work of sculptor and painter Gennaro Avallone, whose pieces speak to the wonder to be found all around the landscape of Pantelleria.

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