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The Venetians named the island Spezia, meaning spice, because of its position on a major trade route. However, it could just as well have been after the powerful scents of jasmine and pine that hits one on the path towards the beach of Kyslokeriza. The basis for the island of Phraxos in John Fowles' 1965 novel The Magus. While stunning beaches like Agia Marina are within walking distance of Dapia, it is well worth climbing into a water taxi or boat to explore the hidden bays of the island.

Spezzie Luxury Villas, Spetses

Traveling in Italy at the Spezzie Luxury Villas, SpetsesThroumbi and Strophyli, two villas named after aromatic plants and seeds commonly used for cooking in Spetses, are spacious 5-bedroom summer homes with private pools. The Spezzie Villas are located in the quiet and peaceful residential neighbourhood of Kasteli, just above the port of Dapia. With spacious en-suite rooms and a dining area linked directly to the elegant covered veranda, experience the relaxation and hidden views that the villas have to offer.

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