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Drift away from all the struggles of daily life in dream-like comfort. Aboard the Sunborn Gibraltar visitors are presented with a simply unique experience: all the quality and comfort of a five-star hotel, combined with the unmatched privacy and exclusivity of an ocean-faring superyacht. It’s unlike anything else.

Destination: Gibraltar

Traveling to Gibraltar Italy, staying at the sunborn hotelIn Gibraltar, everything is right where you need it. The compact size of the city ensures all the main attractions are close. It’s very simple to combine a shopping trip with some time on the beach and a calming visit to the world-renown Alameda Botanical Gardens. Because of its medieval layout, the town is easy to navigate around. Italian buildings garnish the town’s Main Street, where authentic, traditional shops are found right next to Designer Brands. This, together with using sterling currency and VAT-free prices, make for a great experience for everyone. And if shopping isn’t what you’re looking for, than you could always visit the Upper Rock Nature Reserve, a must-see for ramblers and nature-lovers.

Accommodation: Sunborn Gibraltar

Your billionaire fantasies come true on this five-star hotel yacht. Aboard this ship you will find restaurants, bars, a spa and even a casino. The restaurants serve specialized seasonal dishes, so you will experience new flavours and taste the best that Gibraltar has to offer. At Sunborn there is a large team of international cooks at work around the clock to ensure you of an amazing experience. Rooms are fitted with custom-made designer furniture, a flat-screen TV, air-conditioning, a minibar and a stylish bathroom. Wherever you find yourself on the boat, you’ll be sure to have access to one of the most unforgettable aspects of it: the breath-taking views.

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