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Villa Luppis

Pasiano, Venice

Northeast Italy

The northeast region of Italy brings together stunning natural beauty and awe-inspiring cultural monuments. In Roman times this was a vibrant and thriving region which is still apparent today, as traces of its Roman origin can be found all over the area. With the Incredible Alps in the north and the calm Mediterranean Sea in the south, this region will inspire a true appreciation for the natural world. Whether you prefer hiking, cycling, or skiing, the northeast region of Italy is the place to do it.

Villa Luppis

Travling in Italy to Villa LuppisOriginally built as a monastery in the 11th century, the Villa Luppis was later acquired by the Chiozza-Luppis family who turned it into a splendid country house. Today the luxury resort stays true to the villa’s rich and elegant history and offers a wide range of activities; from bicycle tours to wine tasting. Whether you are a hiking enthusiast or someone with a taste for the finer things in life, this 39 room resort won’t fail to provide you with an unforgettable experience. The grounds offer a beautiful outdoor pool, a wine vault, and a charming old chapel. Relax in the spa, play a game of tennis, or simply sit down and enjoy the incredible view.

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