Our getaway options

Throughout our years of experience in catering for larger parties, we’ve found that every experience works out best when we discover the perfect plan for the specific group. Sometimes that may be a luxury cruise or cultural experiences; other times gastro-tours or relaxing wellness centre.

Whatever dynamic you feel is best for you and your party, we’re delighted to present these once-off opportunities to you.

Cruise with a Touch of Salsa

italian Roadtrip
Florence - Perugia - Rome

Discover Rome in style
Villa Spalletti Trivelli - Rome

Wonderful Venice
Villa Luppis

How it Works

We carefully curate unique limited offers from across Europe whenever we find something meeting the standards we desire to deliver. Our philosophy is that travelling is about the journey and not just the destination - for the duration of the trip we’ll show you the lesser known cultural, historical, and gastro experiences all along the way; taking care to avoid the crowds, and to get the richest experience of the culture.

Would you prefer to plan a customised travel experience?

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