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Hard Rock Hotel

Tenerife (Canary Islands)

Tenerife, Canary Islands

One of world’s most fascinating destinations. Tenerife is the crown jewel of the Canary Islands. It’s absolutely perfect for people who love the sun, as the climate is superb. The island sports a lot of beaches, which comes in handy with a climate this good. The local nature is beautiful, and there are a lot of activities and events specifically designed for you to enjoy. Whether you want to be active, relax or try something new, Tenerife is the place for you.

Destination: Tenerife

Black Diamond Journeys, Traveling to the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife Tenerife is absolutely beautiful. It’s said to be the best out of all the Canary Islands, due to its high versatility. It doesn’t matter what you like, because on Tenerife they will have something to exactly match your taste. The beautiful coast is a great place to spend a few days, especially in the south-west, as there is a good chance you will get to see whales passing by the island. The local cuisine is also very important for the islanders. If you come to Tenerife, you should really try some of the dishes they prepare. It’s also the home of a couple major nature reserves, which are stunning to say the least.

Accommodation: The Hard Rock Hotel

Tenerife is a great place, and the only thing you really need to make a great place even better is an equally great place to stay. Luckily for you, on the south-west coast the Hard Rock five-star beachfront resort exists. This is an ultra-luxurious place with the style and energy of the Hard Rock Brand. It’s symbolic of the first-class lifestyle demanded by the modern traveller and offers a break from the dull, traditional hotels. Premium facilities, lavish amenities and unparalleled services with an electrifying infusion of musical entertainment. They are all about offering unique experiences while making sure their guests stay connected to the authentic Hard Rock vibe throughout their stay. The property is amazing and you will find a new hidden treasure every day while exploring it. Bars, lounges and restaurants are everywhere, ready to serve you.

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