The Chedi

Luštica Bay

Luštica Bay, Montenegro

Right in between the azure waters and orotund mountains, you will find The Chedi Luštica Bay Hotel: the best luxury five-star hotel in Montenegro. The resort hotel offers stylish, light-filled chambers which harmonize with the movement of the Adriatic Sea and the Mediterranean colours of the environment. Located directly next to the Trašte Bay along the Luštica peninsula, in the coastal town of Luštica Bay, The Chedi Luštica Bay Hotel invites you for a stay to unwind while you surround yourself with authentic luxury.

Destination: Luštica Bay

Traveling in Montenegro to the Chedi Lustica BayA perfect blend of land & water: from the green mountains to the clean emerald Adriatic Sea. Luštica Bay sports clear air and unspoilt beauty. It makes for a natural mix of tranquillity and activity, creating a distinct way of life. Lord Byron called the Montenegrin coastline: “the most beautiful encounter between land and sea” and we find this is to be the perfect definition for the occasion. The town has 240 days of sunshine per year, a diverse landscape, crystal-clear waters and an uninterrupted coastline. Even though it enjoys a lot of privacy, it is still easily reachable by all the region’s top locations. It’s only 15 minutes to Tivat and Kotor, two big cities nearby.

Accommodation: The Chedi Luštica Bay Hotel

The establishment contains 111 rooms and suites and many facilities. Two restaurants, two bars, a state-of-the-art conference and business centre, a wellness spa accomplished by an indoor pool, a heated outdoor pool and even a private beach. Cultured cuisine, thoughtful tech and other fantastic facilities. Set foot outside of it’s walls and discover the town is just as good. Experience the delightful buzzing marina promenade and the countless accommodations and activities spread all throughout Luštica Bay. They aim for a feeling of authenticity, so that the guests have the best experience possible. From the refined style and architecture to the respectful intimacy of addressing their guests by name. Nothing but the best is to be expected from The Chedi Luštica Bay Hotel.

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